Progressive & a Creative Soul

Life is about a value that we can create as a person and share one among as many person around.

Creating Value through ICT, Quality and Agility.

Since early Days, I am involved in Free/Open Source Software, promotions, advocacy, development and implementations.

Books Coauthored
Countries Visited
People Trained

Agile Aware

I am agile across my aspirations.

Quality Culture

Quality is more of cultural roots to carry them.

Bold Ideas

I love bold ideas and keep them until I change them.

Technically Trained

I love technology not just to fix them but sustain them.

Open for Collaboration

Open for Quality | ICT & Agility related Collaborations

Consulting and Coach Services

ICT | Quality/TQM | Agility/SCRUM

Quality and Agility

  • General Consultation $25/Hour

    Troubleshooting & Insights

  • Implementation $30/Hour

    Guidance on Change Making

  • Training $60/Hour

    Empowering Team


  •   Business Requirements$30/Hour

    Business Analysis & GAP

  • Implementation Supports $40/Hour

    Training & Empowerments

  • Technical Implementations $30/Hour

      Deployments& Accounts Management